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AMD Zen 4 specifications, release date, and price

AMD Zen 4 specifications, release date, and price

Thanks to the success of processors such as Ryzen 9 5900X, AMD is now developing next-generation processors using the new AMD Zen 4 architecture. AMD Zen 4 promises higher performance than its main rival Intel. It will definitely provide better performance than the previous generation Zen 3 and next Alder chips and Raptor Lake processors.

This is especially true in the latter case. Intel processors still use 10-nanometer process technology, which gives AMD Zen 4 a significant performance advantage due to its 5-nanometer design. However, this is not a complete apple-to-apple comparison, because Intel is doing its best. AMD Zen 4 does not seem to take this path but instead focuses on using the new 5nm TMSC process to improve instructions per clock, and possibly increase the number of cores in its flagship processor, instead of the usual 16 value. in its high-end consumer chips.

It would not be surprising if AMD slightly adjusted its manufacturing roadmap even before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic disrupted its main supply chain. Zen 4 still has a long way out, hence AMD Zen 3 chips will have to compete with Intel’s Rocket Lake, Tiger Lake, and Alder Lake processors, which is one of the longest extensions since AMD has released no mainstream processor generation.

This performance leap has recently become more apparent, compared with the current generation of processors, the performance charts has increased by as much as 40%. We see that AMD Zen 4 IPC performance has increased by 25%. If AMD insists on using PCIe 4.0 for Zen 4, then the four additional channels will increase by 28 from the current 24. In addition, the 5.0 GHz center frequency of all cores is discussed, no matter how many AMD processors you will eventually use in the next generation of processors.

AMD’s own production roadmap indicated that AMD Zen 4 would be available in 2021 and mass-produced in July 2020, but that was an overly optimistic assumption for some people. The delay is because of the global coronavirus pandemic, so we cannot expect AMD Zen 4 to arrive until the end of 2022 at the earliest.

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