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Apple to launch new MacBook Pro without Touch Bar

MacBook Pro to be launched without touch bar

Apple will likely launch its next-generation MacBook Pro without the controversial Touch Bar. The Cupertino-based tech giant is reportedly preparing to launch a line of MacBook Pros this summer. The upcoming device is said to have a new design and improved Apple silicon processors.

The Touch Bar was introduced on the MacBook Pro to revolutionize the laptop and how it is used. Much to Apple’s chagrin, it failed to gain popularity with users. The concept had a lot of potential, but now it seems that the company will forever remove the Touch Bar from its high-performance notebooks.

Analysts from DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) now confirm one of the rumored changes mentioned above. Apple will replace the Touch Bar with a traditional functional line. Earlier this week, DSCC released a new report claiming that the touch bar is one of the most common uses for OLED displays right now.

DSCC sources indicate, however, that the world’s largest technology company is planning to “break off the touchbar” on the next MacBook Pro, on the other hand the company will use OLED displays in the iPad series in the coming years. It is worth remembering that last year’s MacBook Pro M1 included the touch bar.

The Touch Bar was introduced in 2016, but users never saw it as a much-needed feature; most users were in the mood to use physical buttons that can be pressed. Around five years after the feature was introduced, Apple is finally paying attention to user complaints. Apple will use its M1X chipset to power the next generation of MacBook Pros, according to WCCFtech. This information comes from Apple analyst and iOS developer Dylan. Unfortunately, Apple is likely to redesign the MacBook Air, which will include a less powerful M2 chipset.

The M1X chipset will be manufactured using TSMC’s N5P process. This is an updated version of the 5nm node used for the M1, and the chip could have the same core architecture that was used for the M1. These include Icestorm and Firestorm, which can be found on the A14. Dylan suggests that the M1X will be equipped with a 10-core CPU as well as 2 efficient and 8 large cores. The number of GPU cores can quadruple or at least double. That being said, there are claims that there will be a new Mac mini powered by the M1X.

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