Cells At Work Season 2: A freaky yet unique show in the daily soap!

Akane Shimizu wrote an anime manga series Cells At Work. It is one of the famous anime series in Japan with some uniqueness. However, the serialization took place in Kodansha’s magazine Monthly Shonen Magazine since January 2015. Additionally, Kodansha USA licensed it in North America.

The series received positive reviews and critical acclaims. After the success of serialization, an anime series announced in January 2018. Kenichi Suzuki directed it, whereas David produced the series. Along with Yuko Kakihara, Suzuki wrote the script.

Cells At Work Season 2: Release Date

The anime series debut took place on July 8, 2018. Eventually, it consists of 13 episodes, unlike a special episode aired on December 27, 2018. Tokyo MX, along with other channels, was the broadcasting partner. Aniplex of America licensed the series to release in North America on Crunchyroll.

The official statement for a second season announced on Twitter on March 23, 2019. However, it will premiere in January 2021. Subsequently, the primary staff of David Production is returning for production. In contrast, Hirofumi Ogura will replace the director Kenichi Suzuki. Besides, an adaptation of Cells AT Work! Code Black will air in January 2021.

Cells At Work Season 2: Plot

Unlike our daily soap series, it has something unique. This uniqueness makes it more thrilling. It depicts the plot inside the human body where trillions of anthropomorphic cells fight with foreign entities to keep the body healthy. Indeed in this series, one can see those cells living—furthermore, their battle with the viruses in the body.

The plot of season one is just an introduction for the audience. However, we have something more to know about it. Makers have decided not to break the ice on the upcoming plot. They do not want to break the suspense. And anticipating wrong is not in ethics. So we can together wait for the release.

Cells At Work Season 2: Characters

The makers are planning to introduce some new characters as well. However, there is again no announcement. Previously the characters are as follows.

  • Erythrocyte or Red Blood Cells (AE3803). Kana Hanazawa voiced for the Japanese language and Cherami Leigh for English.
  • Secondly, we have Killer T Cells, white blood cells that kill foreign entities. Daisuke Ono voiced for Japanese and Robbie Daymond for the English language.
  • A macrophage is a lovely white blood cell, who is a maid. Kikuko Inoue and Laura Post voiced for Japanese and English Language, respectively.
  • Platelet is the constructor of the house, who depicted as children. Maria Naganawa and Xanthe Huynh voiced for Japanese and English languages, respectively.

Cells At Work Season 2: Storyline

This unique series focuses mainly on two characters. Firstly we have AE3083, aka Erythrocyte, a rookie red clumsy blood cell, who often lost the way. She has just initiated to do her job. The job includes delivering oxygen, carbon dioxide, and Different nutrients in every corner of the body.

Secondly, we have U-1146, aka Neutrophil, the fighter white blood cell. His job is to kill the pathogen, who tries to infect the body. Despite his duty traits, he has a gentle, calm,  soft-spoken, and kind nature. Neutrophil saves Erythrocyte from pneumococcus bacterium, while she gets lost in a training exercise.

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