Couple claims security guard ‘filmed them having sex’

A British couple are on their way home from Spain today after cutting short their holiday after claiming a hotel security guard “spied on them having sex”.

Abigail Higson told the Daily Star that she happened to catch sight of a figure in a doorway as she was having sex with her partner Usama Qazi in their room at the HSM Sándalo Beach hotel in Magaluf, Majorca.

“I was fully naked… fully exposed,” she recalled, saying that the man was holding his phone up and appeared to be filming them.

“I was up and dressed within 20 seconds,” she added, saying she ran at the man shouting “what the f*** are you doing?”

Abigail Higson and her partner Usama Qazi have since moved hotels
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Abigail. 28, says she tried to snatch the man’s phone, but couldn’t work out whether he was definitely filming them.

She barged past the intruder and ran to reception – it was only then that she discovered that the man was a member of hotel security staff and had been sent up to their third-floor room because there had been complaints about the noise.

“They were trying to make out it was us that was the problem, “ Abigail said, “but it wasn’t.”

“We were having a nice evening. We started out on the balcony and then moved into the bedroom”.

Dismissing claims from hotel staff that they were drunk, she said “we had had a drink or two”.

Abigail and Usama were having sex in their room, with the TV on at a “low” volume, she says.

“He was lying down,” she says, “and I was on top”.

Officials in Majorca have recently imposed strict new regulations on British holidaymakers to stop anti-social behaviour

Officials in Majorca have recently imposed strict new regulations on British holidaymakers to stop anti-social behaviour
(Image: AFP via Getty Images)

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Neither of them were facing the balcony but Abigail says “I just happened to turn around and there was this dark figure in the doorway”.

“I saw this man, and I’m fully naked… fully exposed…and his phone had a light on as if he was filming”.

Abigail told the Star she was “up and dressed within 20 seconds” and “shouted ‘what the f*** are you doing’?”.

“I was crying,” Abigail said, “ I snatched the phone off him but I couldn’t tell what he had been doing”.

The couple

The couple have decided to cut their holiday short following the incident

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After complaining to their travel agent, On The Beach, the couple were moved to a different hotel but still decided to cut their “ruined” eleven-day holiday short and will be returning home to Bradford today.

HSM Sándalo Beach hotel responded to the Sun regarding claims, stating they are untrue and the couple were drunk.

The hotel also claims they rang the police after a noise complaint was made regarding the couple’s room.

Speaking to the Sun, the hotel group’s commercial director Bernat Matemales said staff were trying to control problems caused by two guests, who he claims were drunk.

The Daily Star has reached out to both On The Beach, HSM Sándalo Beach hotel and HMS Group but has yet to receive a reply.

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