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Bhojpuri Actor Vinay Anand Raises Concerns Over Vulgarity in Films

Bhojpuri cinema stalwart, Vinay Anand, has spoken out against the increasing levels of vulgarity in Bhojpuri films. He has termed the reduction of explicit content as a positive sign but has also cautioned singers and artists against diminishing the dignity of the Bhojpuri film industry through lewd lyrics and suggestive dialogues.

Anand remarked, “These individuals seem unwilling to put in the effort and prefer taking shortcuts. It’s alarming how they are tarnishing the identity of Bhojpuri cinema with their cheap antics and immoral behavior. When will they mend their ways?”

A renowned figure in both Bhojpuri and Bollywood cinema, Vinay Anand is currently occupied with his upcoming Bollywood project, “Makaan”.

His statement is expected to prompt reflection, with hopes that all members of the film industry will take steps to reduce vulgarity. Keeping this in mind, it’s imperative for the Bhojpuri film industry to progress towards further advancements while maintaining its integrity.

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