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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’s Geetanjali Mishra Opens Her Heart and Wallet, Donates 10-Year Savings to Aid the Underprivileged

In a world often fixated on individual pursuits, Geetanjali Mishra, known for her role as Rajesh in &TV’s popular sitcom “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan,” has taken a remarkable step towards selflessness. Drawing from her humble beginnings, Mishra, not only carved a successful career as an actress but also chose to utilize her hard-earned savings for a noble cause – helping those in need.

Fuelled by her commitment to social responsibility, Mishra shared, “There’s a unique beauty in contributing to society’s well-being. It makes me ponder my individual capacity to create positive change within the community. During the peak of the pandemic, my domestic worker confided in me about her struggles to make ends meet. Inspired by ‘charity begins at home,’ I extended support by providing her with essential supplies for months. However, her story opened my eyes to the daily challenges faced by many families in her community. This realization spurred me to action, and I committed to providing comprehensive ration kits, not just financial aid. These kits included necessities like rice, lentils, sugar, and hygiene items like soap and masks. Ensuring everyone’s safety remained paramount.”

Despite the difficult circumstances, Mishra remained undeterred in her mission to help, regardless of location. “It was a demanding time,” she admits, “but the chance to positively impact lives fueled my determination.” Emphasizing the importance of fulfilling basic needs, she added, “I focused on essential supplies rather than just financial assistance. Collaborating with online platforms, I distributed ration kits across various states, investing nearly 25 lakh rupees from my decade-long savings. Throughout this journey, I held onto the belief that ‘what you earn on earth goes towards helping others when needed, and the divine sees all.’ This guided my approach as I aimed to address immediate needs, not just offer temporary relief.”

Geetanjali Mishra’s act of generosity serves as a powerful reminder that true success extends beyond personal achievements. It lies in the compassion and selflessness that drive us to help others and create a better world. Her story is an inspiration, urging us to open our hearts and wallets to those in need, fostering a more equitable and kind society.

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