Eurovision live updates: Ukraine wins after attracting massive score from public vote

What a result for the UK

Sam Ryder produced the UK’s best result in years, coming second at Eurovision in Turin (AP)

Let’s not forget what an incredible result this was for the UK!

Last year James Newman received no votes from either the public or the juries with his song Embers.

The United Kingdom has had bad results at Eurovision for a while – and there has been a prevailing view that Brexit was going to make that worse.

But Sam Ryder has come to Eurovision on a genuine charm offensive, smiling his way through interview after interview, generating genuine excitement for the contest back in the UK, and performing a great song brilliantly.

He was asked about Brexit in a media conference and he basically said he thought negative ideas come from inside, not outside and that as long as British people thought there was a problem, it would continue.

If it wasn’t for Ukraine, we might have been looking at the first British win in 25 years!

Hopefully the 2nd place doesn’t lead to frustration and the UK comes back bigger and better for 2023. Who knows, given the question mark over where next year’s contest will be hosted, it could be coming from London or Manchester or Cardiff or Edinburgh!  

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