Eurovision Song Contest grand final

Ukraine has won the Eurovision Song Contest with folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra’s Stefania, with Sam Ryder in second place for the UK with Space Man.

Ukraine, who were tipped to top the leaderboard this year, joined the contest in 2003 and its three wins make it one of the most successful of the newer competitor countries – having triumphed in 2004 and 2016.

“Thank you for supporting Ukraine. This victory is for every Ukrainian. Slava Ukraini.”

Receiving the coveted trophy, Kalush Orchestra said: “Thank you for supporting Ukraine. This victory is for every Ukrainian. Slava Ukraini.”

During their performance, which combined rap and Ukrainian folklore, the group were dressed in elaborate outfits, including long multi-coloured fringed ensembles.

The UK’s Sam Ryder came in second place with his uplifting pop song Space Man, marking the first time in 20 years that the UK has placed in the top three.

Sam Ryder broke a long spell of Eurovision bad luck for the UK

The 32-year-old Tik Tok star won over the audience, dazzling in a one piece suit encrusted with beads and pearls.

Ryder beat favourites Spain, whose entrant Chanel gave a jazzy performance to SloMo while the entire crowd sang along with Italy’s Mahmood and Blanco who sang Brividi, which featured a powerful rap, behind a backdrop of twinkly lights.

The grand final opened with an energetic performance featuring strobe lighting and projections of the sculpture of David by Michelangelo from Czech Republic’s We Are Domi singing Lights Off.

Norway went bananas at the Eurovision

During the show, fellow folk band Iceland’s Systur, who performed the ballad Meo Haekkandi Sol, ended their performance saying: “This is for Ukraine, we love you.”

Finland’s rock group The Rasmus kicked off the first few performances with a powerful version of Jezebel, ripping their shirts off mid-show.

Marius Bear from Switzerland delivered a raw rendition of his track Boys Do Cry backdropped with simple lighting while France’s Alvan and Ahez had fire on stage to perform their track Fulenn.

Norway’s Subwoolfer dressed in yellow wolf costumes while performing a synchronised dance number and singing Give That Wolf A Banana.

Spain’s Chanel gave a high-octane performance

Armenia’s representative, Rosa Linn, gave an emotional performance with her song Snap on a stage with a bed, lamp and chair all seemingly wrapped in white toilet roll.

Estonia closed the show with Stefan performing a catchy rendition of Hope, adding at the end of his performance: “Don’t lose your hope for a better tomorrow.”

Reigning Eurovision Song Contest champions, Italian rock band Maneskin, performed during the live show, alongside singer-songwriter Mika who sang a medley which included Grace Kelly and Happy Ending.

The Eurovision final featured the 20 successful nations from the week’s two semi-finals, as well as the so-called big five of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Source: Press Association

Eurovision Grand Final – as it happened:


— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Czech Republic: We Are Domi – Lights Off

Czech Republic’s We Are Domi delivered an energetic performance of their song Lights Off during the opening slot of the Eurovision grand final. The trio were all dressed in elaborate outfits including purple statement jewels.

Their performance, which combined strobe lighting and projections of the sculpture of David by Michelangelo, went down well with the 7,000 fans cheering from the Pala Olimpico arena.

It wouldn’t be #Eurovision without a costume change, would it?

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Romania: WRS – Llámame

Saudade – the Portuguese word that has no translation. 🇵🇹 And we can’t translate how amazing this performance is. 🥺 #Eurovision

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Portugal: MARO – Saudade, Saudade

Portugal dialled down the hi-NRG with a gentle ballad that may prove a bit of a dark horse when we finally get to the voting. It’s not quite your classic (ahem!) Euro song, however.

Rocking hell that was good wasn’t it! 🔥🎈🇫🇮 #Eurovision

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Finland: The Rasmus – Jezebel

Incredibly, it’s 16 years Lordi won for Finland but we don’t see Finland’s entry repeating that success this year.

💔 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Switzerland: Marius Bear – Boys Do Cry

And here it is from Switzerland – The Cure “answer song” we’ve all been waiting for! Even better, it’s Marty Whelan’s fav song this year.

🇫🇷 That was France’s Alvan & Ahez France with their Breton banger! 🇫🇷🔥 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

France: Alvan & Ahez – Fulenn

Five-time winners France bring the flames for their wonderfully bonkers entry.

YUM YUM YUM YUM #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Norway: Subwoolfer – Give That Wolf A Banana

We hope your bananas were at the ready for Norway’s surreal entry!

Snap snap snap, turn the stage, sashay away! The sweetest slice of Armenia pop from Rosa Linn!🫰🇦🇲 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Armenia: Rosa Linn – Snap

More than a touch of The Lumineers from Armenia’s song.

Ho sognato di volare con te
Su una bici di diamanti 🎶 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Italy: Mahmood & Blanco – Brividi

Well, it’s fair to say Italy has gone for something completely different after winning last year with Måneskin.

Enjoy this absolute masterclass in #Eurovision choreography from Spain and the incredible Chanel. It’s booty hypnotic! 🇪🇸💃 #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Spain: Chanel – SloMo

Here’s two-time winners Spain with the first of tonight’s firm favourites. Their song was originally written for one Jennifer Lopez and we can see why! Not remotely slo-mo and great use of fan.

Oooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaah! 🧡🇳🇱 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Netherlands: S10 – De Diepte

Five-time winners The Netherlands go for a touching ballad amid the OTT Europop. And it was rather lovely.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra bring a hypnotic mix of rap, folk and a flute loop so funky you’ll remember it for days 🇺🇦 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra – Stefania

And here are tonight’s firm favs to win Ukraine (complete with pink lampshade hat). We reckon everyone else should go home after that.

Looking and sounding exactly like a rockstar – make some noise for Germany’s über cool Malik Harris! 🇩🇪 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Germany: Malik Harris – Rockstars

Winners in 1882 and 2010, Germany give it a bit of ye olde Coldplay meets Eminem and Ed Sheeran (maybe). It’s Edinem.

THE CLASS #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Lithuania: Monika Liu – Sentimentai

Marty likes the Lithuanian entry!

Stepping up his game and hitting that high note for the #Eurovision Grand Final…it’s Azerbaijan’s Nadir Rustamli! 🇦🇿 🔥 #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli – Fade To Black

SMOOTH #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Belgium: Jérémie Makiese – Miss You

Belgium take the ballad route as well with a song that sounds like something Justin Timberlake might belt out.

Greece is the word! A stunning performance from Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord 🇬🇷 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – Die Together

Maximum drama there from Greece. We like it!

Not all families are this harmonious! 🌅 Sensational vocals from Iceland’s Systur 🇮🇸 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Iceland: Systur – Með Hækkandi Sól

After being ROBBED last year (we reckon), that was rather spellbinding from Iceland. They ain’t the home of weird pop for nothing, folks!

The Moldovan party train has arrived in Turin! All aboard! 🚂 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Moldova: Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers – Trenulețul

My eyes! My ears! That made Cotton-Eye Joe By Rednex sound like Pink Floyd.


— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer

It’s easy to see why Sweden are among the favourites to win tonight. That was magnificent from Cornelia Jakobs!

THE MOMENT!!! #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Australia: Sheldon Riley – Not The Same

A towering vocal and lots of crystals (200,000 to be exact) from Oz there.

ROCK ON #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

United Kingdom: Sam Ryder – Space Man.

Here’s last year’s nul points country – the UK! This should do very well indeed.

Seriously… who needs Andrea Bocelli when you’ve got a voice like Ochman? 🇵🇱 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Poland: Ochman – River

Poland reminds us of about 15 other songs but that’s some voice.

BOSS CROSS #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Serbia: Konstrakta – In Corpore Sano

Serbia present a public health information song with eh, panache.

Sing your heart out boy and close the show! Stefan with Hope and the uplifting anthem of our times 🇪🇪🤠 #Eurovision #ESC2022

— Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Estonia: Stefan – Hope

Estonia give it plenty of Ennio Morricone. Someone give Stefan a poncho and a cigarillo.

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