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Google Play Store to ban ‘Sugar-dating’ apps

Google Play Store to ban 'Sugar-dating' apps

The Google Play store will ban the sale of Sugar Dating Apps from September 1st. The search giant posted several changes on its support page, heralding the ban as part of new restrictions on sexual content. The Play Store also previewed the App Set ID, added new family policy requirements, and improved the compliance policy. All these policies, including equipment and network usage policies, permissions policies, etc., will take effect on September 1.

Announcing new changes to Google’s policies in a post on the Play Console support site. The post mentioned many policy changes, but one of the most important changes was the ban on apps related to “compensatory sexual relationships”, namely sugar dating. Pornographic material has been completely banned, and its inappropriate content policy is being updated to update the ban on pornographic materials. Obviously, there are many applications in the Google Play store, such as SDM, Spoil, Sugar Daddy, and Suger Daddy.

Many changes will take effect on September 1. These changes include a developer preview of fraud prevention or analysis kit IDs. Google has also added new restrictions on identifiers used in children’s apps in its family policy requirements. It also mentions that developers must complete policy changes by September 1st, with the exception of advertising ID changes. There is also a new section in your app policy to close idle or abandoned developer accounts for more than one year of inactivity and other factors.

Effective October 15th, Google will change its network and device abuse policy to prevent applications or SDKs that use languages ​​interpreted as Javascript from violating Google Play Store policies. In addition, there is a new permissions policy that requires developers to submit requests if they are using accessibility API and IsAccessibilityTool.

In addition, the user data policy is being revised to prohibit the binding of permanent device IDs to personal and sensitive user data. The changes will take effect on October 28. Google will add a new section on data protection and data security to its user data guide. In addition to these new Google Play Store policies, Google has also updated many policies, such as the inappropriate content policy.

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