Insane Tesla Model 3 mod turns the car into an offroad electric tank

German YouTubers The Real Life Guys have effectively turned a Tesla Model 3 into a tank over a four-week project.

The project began with cutting and welding together two giant steel constructions around which they wrapped chain tracks, each weighing 1.3 tons. The group also added twelve suspension springs to each side’s structure to make them suitable for offroad use.

The group then raised the Model 3 off the ground to match the height of the rather tall finished chain tracks, and took off all of its wheels in preparation for mounting the tracks to the vehicle. The final result has the Tesla, dubbed the Model T (presumably for “tank”), sitting 80 centimeters (2.6 feet) off the ground, weighing in at 6 tons altogether.

They even made sure to provide a message to Elon Musk in their video description, providing a contact email address in case he wants to take the Model T for a spin sometime.

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