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Mena Suvari opens up about her sexual abuse and drug addiction!

Mena Alexandra Suvari, the American actress cum model has revealed her painful journey of sexual abuse and drug addiction. Notably, she has struggled badly while cooping up drugs.

While sitting for an Interview with ‘PEOPLE,’ the model, 42 claimed that she used to consume methamphetamine, which was something ‘introduced to her,’ on vacation as a teen.

She noted, “How it blew my mind. And then I believed that I would never encounter it again. But when I came back to L.A., I ended up meeting a group of friends that one of my girlfriends had been hanging out with, and there it was again.”

Notably, the new memoir of Suvari, ‘The Great Peace: A Memoir’ is on sale now. She also claimed, “I just over managing my addiction when I used the drug again and the experience took me down a very dark path.”

Later, she reveals that while being in the sixth grade, one of her elder brother’s friend raped her and she was ‘just trying to survive.’

She clarified, “When my family split apart, I ended up hanging out more and more, just going out. And [the] rave scene, and we’d do all of those things. And so I tried anything. Mescaline. I mean whatever.”

Further, as she was about to turn 17, the model meets ‘Tyler,’ and moved into a relationship for about three years. While being with Tyler Mena was sexually and emotionally harassed.

She notes, “Tyler didn’t like meth. He had no problem with pot or any other drugs, but he just didn’t like that one. Despite their abusive relationship, his dislike for the drug was a ‘gift of at least getting that drug out of my life.'”

Mena also recalled her experiences and mentioned, “But then because of him and also the environment that I was in, you know, gave me the opportunity to try anything else.”

She continued and said, “You know, acid, and ecstasy, and things like this. And that time with him was so devastatingly dark that I needed those things. But then, you know, my work, that opportunity, that art that saved my life, that was the healthy addiction that I needed to replace it with.”

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