My Chemical Romance: ‘Foundations of Decay’ full lyrics

Fans are beginning to speculate whether upcoming tour setlists could feature more new music

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance performs on stage at Big Day Out 2012 at the Sydney Showground in 2012 (Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

My Chemical Romance (MCR) have made an unexpected return with the release of a new song called ‘The Foundations of Decay’.

The reunited band, who broke up in 2013 after 12 years together, are getting ready to embark on a UK and European tour next week.

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The band has revealed their first new material in eight years ahead of those massive shows.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is ‘The Foundations of Decay’ about?

The song begins with static noise before introducing a peaceful electric guitar, piano and a laid-back drumbeat, all of which are accompanied by Way’s distorted vocals.

It then crescendos into a chorus, with Billboard describing it as a “full-blown head banger with all the anthemic force of MCR’s beloved 2006 track ‘Welcome to the Black Parade.'”

MCR formed shortly after the September 11 attacks; frontman Gerard Way has stated multiple times that witnessing the tragedy inspired him to pursue music.

Way also appears to comment on the attacks in the new track, singing: “And he was there, the day the towers fell / And so he wandered down the road / And we would all build towers of our own / Only to watch the roots corrode / But it’s much too late / You’re in the race / So we’ll press / And press ’til you can’t take it anymore.”

What are the full lyrics of the new song?

Here are the full lyrics to ‘The Foundations of Decay’ [via Genius]:

See the man who stands upon the hillHe dreams of all the battles wonBut fate had left its scars upon his faceWith all the damage they had doneAnd so time, with ageHe turns the pageLet the fleshSubmit itself to gravityLet our bodies lay while our hearts we’ll saveLet our blood invade if I die in vainNow, if your convictions were a passing faithMay your ashes feed the river in the morning raysAnd as the vermin crawlsWe lay in the foundations of decayHe was there, the day the towers fellAnd so he wandered down the roadAnd we would all build towers of our ownOnly to watch the rooms corrodeBut it’s much too lateYou’re in the raceSo we’ll pressAnd press ’til you can’t take it anymoreLet our bodies lay while our hearts we’ll saveLet our blood invade if I die in vainAnd if, by his own hand, his spirit fliesTake his body as a relic to be canonized, nowAnd so he gets to die a saintBut she will always be the whore(Let’s flip out!)Against faith (Antihero)Against all life (As if it must be pure)Against change (Wander through the ruins)We are free (The guiltiness is yours)You must fix your heartAnd you must build an altar where it restsWhen the storm decays and the sky it rainsLet it flood, let it flood, let it wash awayAnd as we stumble through your last crusadeWhen you welcome your extinction in the morning raysAnd as the swarming calls, we lay in the foundationsYes, it comforts me much moreYes, it comforts me much moreTo lay in the foundations of decayGet up, coward!

Will there be more new music?

Fans are now wondering whether the band’s upcoming reunion gigs will include more new songs on the setlist – could a fourth album even be on the way?

Despite tour preparations, MCR have yet to say whether or not they will release more new music, though a new instrumental track was featured in a teaser for their initial reunion gigs in 2020

Gerard Way did say in an interview last year that he had been writing songs, but he didn’t say if they were for MCR, a solo project, or something else.

‘Fake Your Own Death,’ the band’s last new music, was released in 2014 and was regarded as the band’s “eulogy” following their split the year before.

Where can I listen to it?

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How can I get tour tickets?

The band had planned to return in 2019, and had managed to play one gig that winter before the pandemic forced them to postpone any upcoming dates.

The full list of UK and Ireland tour dates are as follows;

16 May – Eden Sessions, St Austell19 May – Stadium MK, Milton Keynes21 May – Stadium MK, Milton Keynes22 May– Stadium MK, Milton Keynes24 May – Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin25 May – Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin27 May – Victoria Park, Warrington28 May – Sophia Gardens, Cardiff30 May – OVO Hydro, Glasgow

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