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Reheating these foods can lessen their nutrients!

With the striving hunger, the average American pull out their leftovers from the refrigerator and reheat them in A microwave to eat. Although, this is A super easy trick to end the cravings, but this kills the nutritional values of the food. This happens because these few foods do not retain their nutritional value, when heated a second time.

Serena Poon, a board-certified nutritionist says, “The more you reheat and refrigerate your food, the more chances you have for bacteria growth and nutrient, flavor and texture loss.”

Given below are the main such foods:


A potato tastes very amazing, no matter how it is cooked. Also, it is really told delicious every time if it is reheated. A potato cooked any which way is always delicious, even when reheated. But, to the suprise, they are the rich source of vitamin C too. The studies suggest that A .2-ounce potato provides about 27 mg of vitamin C. This is approximately 45 percent of the required daily nutritional value. Thus, potatoes qualify to be an “excellent source” of the vitamin. So, it must be made sure that reheating of the potatoes must be avoided. This will maintain the nutrients present within them.

Cooked eggs!

Boiled eggs actually taste to be pretty good, even if they are not reheated. So, reheating a hard boiled egg in a microwave, might lead to a dangerous explosion, so certainly stay away from that. On the other hand, as per the recent research done it was clarified that the domestic cooking tended to reduce the antioxidant activity of eggs. Thus, no matter it the eggs are boiled, fried or baked, that reheating would definitely effect the eggs.


The researches suggest that the vegetables which have highly water- soluble vitamins like vitamin C actually lose some of their nutritional value when cooked. The broccoli too falls squarely into that category, containing 132 mg of vitamin C per serving. This is well over your daily recommended amount. But the green vegetable also suffers from a loss in folate when reheated. Experts suggest that the folate helps the body form healthy red blood cells and can reduce the risk of neural tube defects in unborn babies. The folate is also very sensitive to heat and can be destroyed with reheating.






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