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The Black Holes Theory of Stephen Hawking is now proved!

Once, Stephen Hawkins talked about the presence of black holes in the universe. He gave his opinions by sharing the theorems using ripples in space-time, which occur due to the federation of two distant black holes. As per the experts, the regions of the black holes are knotted to the portion of disorder present in the universe.

The theory presented by Hawkins notes, “Once a star dies, its entire mass collapses into infinite density or singularity at a single point, leading to the black hole formation.” He derived this theorem in 1971 with the help of Einstein’s theory of ‘General Relativity.’ The idea of General Relativity states, “The surface area of a black hole can’t decrease over time.

Yet, the experts have said this rule is closely linked to the ‘Second law of Thermodynamics,’ which mentions, “The states that the entropy, or disorder, of a closed system, must always increase. Because a black hole’s entropy is proportional to its surface area, both must always increase.

The lead author, Maximiliano Isi, an astrophysicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said, “A black hole’s surface area can’t be decreased, which is like the second law of thermodynamics. It also has a conservation of mass, as you can’t reduce its mass, so that’s analogous to the conservation of energy.”

Also, a new study has revealed that the law of the area appears to apply all the properties of black holes and give notable hints to the rules that control the universe. Maximiliano Isi further mentions, “Initially people were like ‘Wow, that’s a cool parallel,’ but we soon realized that this was fundamental. Black holes have an entropy, and it’s proportional to their area. It’s not just a funny coincidence, it’s a deep fact about the world that they reveal. You will make it spin more, but not enough to counterbalance the mass you’ve just added. Whatever you do, the mass and the spin will make it so that you end up with a bigger area.”

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