The worldwide pandemic has increased awareness about climate change!

Climate Change

The pandemic may turn out to be a small trailer of what tragedies climate energy could bring. The world’s troubles will not be over even if the effects and after-effects of Covid are reduced. The global community has learned that climate change is going to worsen in the coming years.  By the end of the century, Earth is heading towards warming of 2.7 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial levels according to a recent report by the UN.

It is predicted that there will be an increased frequency of what is happening. There will be an increase in heatwaves, cyclones, lightning strikes, fires, and landslides. A recent study has claimed that climate change will make India’s west coast more vulnerable to hurricanes, California will burn, Bangladesh will drown, and Canada will heat up.

Now perceptions have changed. Anxiety has increased. The reports show how pandemic has increased eco-anxiety. A state of helplessness, grief, stress, and fear of uncertainty related to the climatic and ecological systems. Recent pole conducted showed that there an increasing number of Americans suffering from eco-anxiety. A poll in Washington on US teenagers showed that more than half of US teenagers have fear regarding climate change. A similar survey in the UK also showed that most teenagers are concerned about climate change.

The pandemic exposed the gap in the world. On the gap between rich and poor, privileged and underprivileged awareness has increased. Awareness also grows in climate-related issues. People are now more worried about tackling climate concerns and are willing to change their behavior to achieve sustainability. People are now more aware that human activity harms climate change, and they believe that climate issues are more severe than health issues.

People now want to see robust climate action. In economic recovery strategies, climate issues should be given priority, people believe now. The reports also state that the pandemic has increased the responsibility of governments and corporations for climate change. Many people believe that governments and corporations have not taken the necessary actions to fight climate change. People also believe that businesses should include climate issues into their services, products, and operation to a greater level than before.

A serious focus on climate change would mean assigning if the state’s finances can withstand climate impact. Every economy will be reshaped by climate change and energy transition, and that no projection is meaningful unless it includes these effects. The pandemic has developed people’s more faith in scientists. Now people are hopeful that scientists will help them fight climate change as they contribute to fighting the pandemic. A study in the UK has shown that people have lost faith in politicians and government, but trust in science increases.

The digital solution to deal with the pandemic has also developed faith in people that digital solutions can help fight climate change. According to a report by the UN, digital technology might help reduce global carbon emissions by around 17%. AI, according to industry participation, might help make power transmission systems more efficient. Vai block change technology citizens might be able to check on carbon emissions. To monitor climate changes, satellites can be used. Experts said that there is a need to develop standardized criteria to quantify the impact of technology on the environment.

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