Subhash Ghai is very much impressed with the acting skills of Lucky Mehta – his show Jaanki’s actress. Recently, he appreciated her on the sets of the show.

On December 24, the team of Jaanki celebrated Lucky Mehta’s birthday with excitement, decoration and full of birthday vibes. And on December 25, the maker of the show, Subhash Ghai, gave a surprise visit on the sets.

“Subhash Ghai sir was just entering on the sets and I was the first person who came in front of him. He told me, I got to know from social media that it was your birthday yesterday so I thought ek visit to banta hai (I should visit the sets). I know he must have come for Christmas or some other reason but what he said to me made my day. I felt like I should have a birthday like this every year,” Lucky Mehta shared about Subhash Ghai’s visit on the sets.

How can it happen that Subhash Ghai is on sets of his own show and did not monitor the shoot?

Talking about it, Lucky Mehta said, “Shubhash sir met everyone from Jaanki’s cast and crew, spent some quality time, had some light hearted movement and discussion with all of us. In between all of this, he also said that when Lucky Mehta performs, the camera starts shaking. He also monitored our scenes. What more can I ask god for ? The showman of the industry is monitoring our scenes. I really felt blessed as we have grown up watching his art and take inspiration from him.”