In the enchanting world of television, every character’s costume is a story in itself, and Bhakti Rathod, known for her role as Kesar Baa in “Aankh Micholi,” recently stunned fans and colleagues alike with her dedication and style. Roopa, the costume designer for the show, shared that Bhakti’s latest attire is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with beloved embroidery techniques. The ensemble features a poshak-style embroidered blouse, adorned with stones, sequins, and Resham, paired with a lehenga boasting intricate gold embroidery and sequin work. The outfit is completed with a fully embroidered net dupatta, weighing over 40 kg in total. The lehenga consists of 11 pieces of clothing and 19 pieces of jewellery, adding to the grandeur and authenticity of her portrayal of Kesar Baa in “Aankh Micholi.”

Despite the weight, Bhakti effortlessly carried the ensemble, showcasing her commitment to portraying Kesar Baa’s character authentically. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship of the attire are a testament to the dedication and Bhakti’s passion for her craft. Roopa expressed her admiration for Bhakti, applauding her for embodying Kesar Baa’s essence with such grace and poise, despite the physical challenge of wearing the heavy lehenga. Talking more about the costume, she said, “Designing Bhakti’s costume for Kesar Baa’s character was a labor of love. The 40 kg lehenga, with its intricate embroidery and detailing, is a testament to Bhakti’s dedication to her role. She carries the weight of the costume with such grace, truly embodying the essence of Kesar Baa.”

The 40 kg lehenga not only adds visual grandeur to Kesar Baa’s character but also symbolizes the weight of her responsibilities and the depth of her emotions. Bhakti’s ability to portray this complexity while wearing such a heavy ensemble is a testament to her talent and dedication as an actor. As fans eagerly anticipate the next episodes of “Aankh Micholi,” Bhakti’s portrayal of Kesar Baa continues to captivate audiences, proving that her talent shines as brightly as the intricate embroidery of her character’s attire.