Himanshu Singh RajawatHimanshu Singh Rajawat

In Rajasthan’s Udaipur district, a rigged gang that ran away without paying money after filling diesel and petrol has been exposed, in which police officer Himanshu Singh Rajawat of police station Pratapnagar has played an important role. Three accused of this rigged gang have been arrested by the police, and an Alto car has also been seized.

As soon as this rigging came to know, the police station Pratapnagar started a campaign in search of the accused of this gang. Under the guidance of Police Officer Mr. Manjit Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police Mrs. Shipra Rajawat, and Station Officer of Police Station Pratapnagar Mr. Himanshu Singh Rajawat, the police worked to find the three accused as soon as possible.

According to the instructions received, Sauni Shri Parvat Singh May Jabta Kani Ramswaroop no. 314, Kani Shankar Lal No. Suspect on the basis of the vehicle used in the incident during the blockade while searching by 3099

  1. Mahendra Singh Father Vijay Singh Caste Rajput Age 29 Years Profession Driver Resident Bichhweda Sagavto Police Station Dabok Udaipur
  2. Mr. Rajendra Singh Father Himmat Singh Rajput Age 21 Years Profession Photographer Resident Bichhweda Hirawat Police Station Dabok Udaipur
  3. Arjun Singh father Nahar Singh age 30 years profession welding work resident resident of Bichhweda Sagawaton, police station Dabok district Udaipur was detained. When all the three were interrogated regarding the incident, all three accepted to have caused the incident, on which all the three accused were arrested in the case according to the rules.

During this operation, three accused of the gang were caught by the police during the blockade. These accused also rigged three other petrol pumps. In these scams, the number plate of the Alto car was cheated by replacing it with a different number plate.

When all the three accused were arrested and interrogated, they told that all the three together had stolen the Alto car whose original number RJ 27 CL. is 3923. Using which, before going to the petrol pump, instead of 1 on the number plate of the car, by pasting the number 8 sticker on the number plate instead of the last 3, go to the already marked petrol pump (located at a deserted place) late at night. Where by telling the employee of the pump that L&T is running at his place or diesel is finished in his trailer, he would have filled diesel in the big plastic drums brought with him. Along with this, they used to get petrol filled in the car used in the incident and ran away from the petrol pump without giving any money.

According to the police, all three were arrested on the basis of Mahi used in the crime during the blockade. These accused had not made their payment for the car used in the incident and the petrol and diesel filled in it. During the incident, these accused were trying to run away from the petrol pumps,

Police officers have seen this busting as a big success and important step has been taken for the safety of the people by arresting the gang members. The accused in this conspiracy will be produced before the judicial body to face the punishment under the judicial process.

The police, under the leadership of SHO Himanshu Singh Rajawat, arrested three accused of the Dhandhali gang during the blockade and seized the Alto car used by them in their crimes. In such incidents, they cheated on the number plate of the Alto car by replacing it with a different number plate.