Udaipur News: The Superintendent of Police, Bhuvan Bhushan Yadav, has taken swift action in response to a disturbing rape case involving a constable from Mavli police station. The accused constable, identified as Dinesh Kumar, has been suspended pending further investigation, as the sword of arrest now hangs over him.

The gravity of the allegations against Constable Dinesh Kumar was underscored by the victim’s statement given in court under Section 164 of the Indian Penal Code. In her testimony, she reiterated the accusations against the constable, revealing a series of harrowing events.

According to the victim’s report, she initially filed a complaint against Dinesh Kumar for blackmailing her. The constable had allegedly coerced her into signing documents, which he later had notarized, falsely claiming to have married her. Subsequently, he proceeded to rape her and subsequently married another woman in her village.

The police registered a case against Constable Dinesh Kumar under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with offenses related to rape. The victim, who works as a sweeper and rents a house in the area with her daughter, stated that the accused constable, while posted at Dhanmandi police station, had approached her during the lockdown and established a close relationship.

Under the pretext of marriage, Dinesh Kumar exploited the victim and developed an intimate relationship with her. Despite his transfer to another location, whenever he visited Udaipur, he would allegedly force his way into her home and commit acts of rape.

As the abuse persisted, the accused constable coerced the victim into believing that they were legally married. He showed her the notarized papers, claiming they constituted evidence of their marriage. With this manipulation, he continued to subject her to sexual violence.

In a shocking turn of events, the accused constable returned to his village and married another woman with the consent of his family members. When the victim discovered this, she objected vehemently. In response, Dinesh Kumar callously suggested that they could live together as husband and wife, an offer the victim unequivocally rejected.

The Superintendent of Police, Bhuvan Bhushan Yadav, expressed deep concern over the case and promptly suspended Constable Dinesh Kumar pending a thorough investigation. The police are committed to pursuing justice for the victim and ensuring that the accused faces appropriate legal consequences.

This distressing incident highlights the urgent need for robust measures to prevent such heinous crimes and protect vulnerable individuals from exploitation. The police department must ensure that its officers maintain the highest standards of integrity and use their positions to safeguard the welfare of the community.

As the legal proceedings progress, society waits anxiously for justice to prevail and for measures to be taken to prevent such reprehensible acts from recurring in the future.