Justice Mukta Gupta's Last Day on the Bench: 65 Landmark Verdicts Shape Legacy at Delhi High CourtJustice Mukta Gupta's Last Day on the Bench: 65 Landmark Verdicts Shape Legacy at Delhi High Court

Justice Mukta Gupta, renowned for her bold and compassionate approach, concluded her remarkable career at the Delhi High Court with an extraordinary display of dedication. On her penultimate day as a judge, she pronounced 65 significant verdicts, further adding to her extensive portfolio of authored and co-authored judgments spanning 14 years. Let’s delve into the profound legacy left behind by Justice Mukta Gupta, a legal luminary who fearlessly called a spade a spade while demonstrating compassion towards sensitive issues.

Justice Mukta Gupta
Justice Mukta Gupta

Delhi High Court’s Justice Mukta Gupta: An Accomplished Career:

Justice Mukta Gupta’s journey in the legal profession began when she was appointed as an additional judge at the Delhi High Court on October 23, 2009. Recognizing her prowess, she was later confirmed as a permanent judge on May 29, 2014. Born on June 28, 1961, she pursued her education at Montfort School in Delhi before obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, specializing in Zoology, from Hindu College, Delhi University in 1980. In 1983, she received her law degree from Campus Law Centre, Delhi, and subsequently enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi as an advocate in 1984.

A Legacy of High-profile Cases and Notable Achievements:

During her tenure as a lawyer, Justice Mukta Gupta handled a wide range of cases, ranging from civil to criminal laws and constitutional to service matters. Her exceptional skills led to her appointment as an additional public prosecutor at the Delhi High Court in January 1993 and as the standing counsel (criminal) for the Delhi government in August 2001. She made her mark as she argued in high-profile cases, including the Parliament and Red Fort shootout cases, the Jessica Lal murder case, and the Nitish Katara murder case, leaving an indelible impact on the legal landscape.

Justice Mukta Gupta: A Judge of Integrity and Compassion:

Since June of the previous year, Justice Mukta Gupta has been involved in over 220 verdicts, showcasing her commitment and dedication to the pursuit of justice. Her farewell ceremony earlier this month left her colleagues and lawyers moved, as she emphasized that the ultimate victory of justice supersedes any specific outcome of a judgment. Justice Mukta Gupta firmly believed that granting relief to those in need is not an act of charity but a fundamental duty of the justice system. With her unwavering dedication to fairness and compassion, she has become an inspirational figure for many.

Noteworthy Judgments that Define Her Legacy:

Justice Mukta Gupta’s legacy is defined by landmark judgments that reflect her commitment to inclusivity, constitutional rights, and accountability. In a 2021 case, she emphasized the need for safe houses to protect couples facing resistance from families, irrespective of inter-faith, inter-caste, or LGBTQIA+ backgrounds. She also set a precedent by initiating criminal contempt proceedings against a police officer for filing misleading status reports, thereby ensuring greater transparency and accountability in the justice system.

As Justice Mukta Gupta bids farewell to the Delhi High Court, she leaves behind an exceptional legacy marked by her principled rulings, unwavering pursuit of justice, and dedication to inclusivity. Her profound impact on the legal profession, along with her inspiring call for more women to join the field of litigation, will continue to resonate for years to come. Justice Mukta Gupta’s retirement marks the end of an era, but her legacy will forever be remembered as a testament to her integrity, compassion, and profound contribution to the Indian judiciary.