Jaipur : Deep-rooted misconceptions surrounding sex in India are causing people to suffer in silence and neglect seeking treatment for sexual health issues, warned renowned sexologist Dr. Sankalp Jain.

Speaking at an event in Jaipur, Dr. Jain highlighted the “peculiar environment” around sex in India. “Silence thrives, leading to a breeding ground of misinformation,” he said, emphasizing how these misconceptions deter individuals from seeking help for sexual health concerns.

“The most common misconception is that sex is solely for procreation,” Dr. Jain explained. “Additionally, people perceive sex as a taboo subject, making open discussions seem inappropriate.”

He stressed that these misconceptions drive individuals to hide their sexual health problems, leading to potentially severe consequences like sexually transmitted infections (STIs), sexual dysfunction, and mental health issues.

Dr. Jain emphasized the crucial need for comprehensive sex education, advocating its inclusion in schools, colleges, and healthcare centers. “Sex is a healthy and natural activity,” he asserted. “Open communication and addressing concerns, rather than fearing them, is essential.”

Key takeaways from Dr. Jain’s talk:

  • Sex goes beyond procreation, serving as a source of pleasure and intimacy.
  • Open communication about sex is not taboo.
  • Sexual health issues are common and treatable.
  • Fear should not deter individuals from seeking help for sexual health concerns.

Attendees at the event commended Dr. Jain’s insights, expressing how the program provided valuable knowledge and dispelled misconceptions.